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Balloons are an effective and inexpensive way to decorate an ordinary room.  We are conditioned from childhood to associate balloons with festive occasions.  Arches, towers, and bunches command your guests' attention immediately.  Check our web site to see all the great ways you can use balloons to brighten up your party. www.gold-event-planner.com 


Double bubble toil NO Trouble!

 balloon sculptures for bar/bat mitzvah in ma ri ct boston and providence, bar mitzvah balloons, bat mitzvah balloons  Did you say spiders? They were large and black and they floated up high. Their webs were the colors of orange and lime. With their eyes of white they watched from above their egg sacks of orange and purple. The smallest spider sat at the bottom and held all of it's family from floating away.

  If you didn't guess it I will tell you now, these spiders are made of latex and plastic, a clear bubble balloon held the spider's large body and the egg sacks were latex with bubble balloon shells. The webs they are the ribbons that connected the family, of cute little spiders out for a Halloween party!