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It's all in the details.  When you're planning your event, small details can seem major and more imporatant details might seem trivial.   A qualified event planner will guide you and keep you focused while also relieving you of the details that are the planner's responsibilty.  Good communication and open minds provide an enjoyable planning experience and ultimately a great event.


Why should a potential client choose Gold Events over another vendor?

Why should a potential client choose Gold Events over another vendor?
  That was the big question at a small gathering of my peers today.
The question was posed by Gigi Halsing of "Extra Hands For Your Events" 
http://www.extrahandsforyourevents.com . 
When she asked this question, she looked at us for an answer. I wasn't sure how to 
  This definitely is a question we SHOULD be able to answer.
Nancy Whalen from "Creative Papers, Ltd." http://www.invitationsbycreativepapers.com  
has brought her invitation books to her client's homes. I think that is great service.
Gigi is able to determine how many servers you will need to help your event run smoothly. 
They both are pleasant to speak with and nice to be around. They both genuinely 
love their work. These are great qualities when hiring a vendor. If they love what they 
do, then it reflects how they will do their job.
    So, back to the question, "Why should a potential client hire Gold Events over our 
Are we better than the competition, or just different? Could it be both? 
I would like to say, that past clients have said we are great to work with 
and have even exceeded their expectations! 
    That being said, we have come up with other reasons that make Gold Events the 
company that sets us apart from our competitors. We love what we do, we are professional 
and honest, we listen to our client's needs about the services they want, we are patient, we are 
able to work within a budget, our client can trust that their event will not only look beautiful, 
but will run smoothly, we use high quality items and vendors we trust, we are creative and 
have endless ideas to make your event a success.
   I know there are more reasons, like hand holding and keeping the theme a secret, 
but for the most part, it is helping your client feel they are your only client, getting that special 
individualized attention that they want and deserve.
  I would love to hear what others think. So email me or give me a call.
   "Gold Events, Bonnie speaking, how may I help you?



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