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It's all in the details.  When you're planning your event, small details can seem major and more imporatant details might seem trivial.   A qualified event planner will guide you and keep you focused while also relieving you of the details that are the planner's responsibilty.  Good communication and open minds provide an enjoyable planning experience and ultimately a great event.


The Reunion Committee

  Get out your platforms and wide bottom flairs. With your hair like Farrah Fawcett, or in an Afro. It will be really COOL, to party with your classmates from your old high school!

    We got together on a Thursday night to start the plans for our upcoming reunion. We started with questions, such as should it be in a hotel, a restaurant, a museum? How much do we charge? Day or night? Dress up, wear jeans, ...All these questions were asked plus many more. With ideas put to paper and jobs given out, we arranged another meeting to get the plans rolling.

    With Facebook and email it's easy to find most, but you still have those diehards that only use post. For them we will have to look very hard, but maybe they don't want to be found? So with telephone in hand we will make a few calls, to find those we went to school with in 1976.

    It is fun going through the old year book to see, those old familiar faces looking back at me. The hair the clothes, some have actually come back in style! Should the music we play be from back in the day? Those great rock tunes, a ”Little Stairway to Heaven”... will make the night familiar, even with people we haven't seen in years.

    Getting people to come is not always easy, so try a save the date so traveling classmates can plan. The price should be reasonable, so keep the costs down. . You don't need a fancy meal, try light appetizers, then a buffet, you can pipe in the music instead of a DJ. Use the facilities linens, and maybe your school's color for napkins. When you send out a notice ask for some items to raffle, we've done it before with our talented classmates and made extra money to cover some costs.

Enjoy the whole process, it can really be fun! If you have any questions or need some assistance with your event, just call me or write me and I'll help if where I can.