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Hi Cupcake

Instead of a large cake, cupcakes are more popular than ever.  Cupcakes seem to be on every other food TV show.  Gold Events now has a custom designed table to display 500 cupcakes!  A great addition to any event, cupcakes are a fun dessert to compliment your catered meal.


The Wedding Cake

   A beautiful cake for a Fall wedding day. It was a labor of love for the mother of the groom. With tastings and experiments for the flavors to be just so, what fun it was to taste every bite, until we came down to the two favorites of parsnip/ginger and pumpkin/spice. If you have never tried parsnip in cake it's a must, for combined with the ginger it is a heavenly  taste!

 jewish wedding cake, wedding baking, wedding planner in ri and ma, wedding cake boston, wedding cake providence It was not your usual wedding cake, with white frosting and swirls. There were candy rocks, and marzapan leaves, with footprints of the groom on one side and the bride on the other meeting at the top.

   The cakes they were layered with different sized cakes, to look like a mountain with trails well traveled . The top of the cake had 2 carved wooden boots, one small for the bride and larger for the groom. They sat under a tree of gold twisted wire, with roots and tall branches representing their pasts and their future.

    The bride cut the cake with a smirk on her face, she fed her groom the delicious morsel of his mom's cake. He smiled a big smile and cut a piece for his bride, and they laughed and they kissed and both   families cried.

    Kudos and love for the best cake ever! I love you my friend, thank you for making the weekend the best ever!