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Party Decorations

The decorations you choose for your party can set the mood for your event.  Just imagine the obvious differences between a wedding and a children's party.  Simply putting linens on tables and using plain printed seating cards sets a business like atmosphere one might expect at a business meeting; not a festive occasion.  Naturally your budget determines the extent of your decor, but your budget does not have to restrict your decorations as much as you may think.  The reaction of your guests entering a brightly decorated room contributes to the type of atmosphere you wish to achieve.  Your largest expense is the catering and the decor helps add more value to what you are spending. Restaurants spend much money on their decor for this obvious reason.  Once you determine your budget and venue,  Bonnie Gold of Gold Events can custom design and bring ideas to your party that are affordable and exciting. You're spending a great amount of money to share with your family and friends; don't short change yourself!


Temple Sinai(Cranston RI) Bar/Bat Mitzvah Expo

Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit Gold Events at this past Sunday's expo. We met many nice people and we hope we provided useful information and our sincere reasons why and how Bonnie and Gold Events can insure a successful party of any size, theme, or occasion. 

The expo was a good chance to see some of Bonnie's centerpieces and creativity up close and of course to meet Bonnie (and Jerry) and to understand her professional commitment as an Event Planner.


The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Expo at Temple Sinai

   With the car loaded with linens, a backdrop, centerpieces, a cocktail table that lights up, business cards and more, we set out early in the morning and headed to Marblehead, MA. Most of the drive was highway, until we came to the ocean and drove for awhile along the shoreline. Ahh, Beautiful!

We were excited to go to a new area, meet new vendors, exchange ideas, and sell us some parties!!!!

The Temple is lovely, and is next door to a JCC. We were there nice and early and met Robin the coordinator of the event. She showed us our space and we set up. Our neighbors were, photographers, DJ's, balloon artists, tattoo artists, caterers, other event planners, etc...

     Everyone had set up wonderful booths, we went around and introduced ourselves. Made a flip book. This is a relatively new idea, it is fun. I will be showing my clients how much fun they can add to their parties with this new item! We knew two of the vendors, so it was nice to catch up!

    The show was set to start at 11:00 am. Everyone was getting ready, our computer was set on the slide show I prepared, and the cocktail table was turned on the setting that changes colors, Cool!

I pour the candy into my bowl and got ready............................

    Well, needless to say it wasn't a very busy show, but I think it was a nice show, coordinated well, set up nicely, plenty of great vendors to network with.

Why wasn't it busy? Not sure, maybe it was too nice out. If you hear of these shows, you should go. They are FREE, have tons of great ideas, and special services. Weather you are a vendor yourself, or having an event, it is well worth the time. Gold Events thanks Robin and her committee at Temple Sinai in Marblehead, MA for their hospitality, and making us feel welcome!


Information overload! Or not?

   Although I have been in the event planning business for over 15 years, it seems I am still living in the dark ages.

 bar-mitzvah seo, bat mitzvah seo, bas mitzvah seo, bar/bat mitzvah planner for massachusetts and rhode island Until… 2 weeks ago. When my talented brother-in-law redid my website and got me hooked up so to speak. Yes, I now Tweet, Blog, network, join groups, and all the other good things (that I’m sure have fun names, but I can’t think of them at the moment) to get my business out there more! Guess what? IT IS WORKING!!!
  I now have over 100 followers on Twitter! What does that mean??? It seems to mean that lo and behold all of our efforts are paying off! People are paying attention , and I am finding new resources out there!
  This just goes to show, that keeping up with the times in our age of cyberspace, you really can make your business grow, but you have to want it and be diligent.
   So get out there and network, blog and tweet! See you on the web! Please send me a Tweet!


Welcome to Gold Events new Blog

Between Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, emailing and the telephone, it is taking me twice the time to get my work done! How does anyone have time to stop and smell the flowers?