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Party Decorations

The decorations you choose for your party can set the mood for your event.  Just imagine the obvious differences between a wedding and a children's party.  Simply putting linens on tables and using plain printed seating cards sets a business like atmosphere one might expect at a business meeting; not a festive occasion.  Naturally your budget determines the extent of your decor, but your budget does not have to restrict your decorations as much as you may think.  The reaction of your guests entering a brightly decorated room contributes to the type of atmosphere you wish to achieve.  Your largest expense is the catering and the decor helps add more value to what you are spending. Restaurants spend much money on their decor for this obvious reason.  Once you determine your budget and venue,  Bonnie Gold of Gold Events can custom design and bring ideas to your party that are affordable and exciting. You're spending a great amount of money to share with your family and friends; don't short change yourself!


Tips! Have a great event without breaking the bank! Part 2-The Event Coordinator

Don't break the bank to have a great event! Trying to save money while making a celebration can be a daunting task. In the second posting in this series,  I am going to talk about the event co-ordinator, sometimes called the event planner.  

Remember that I still plan to give advice about the other services you may need at your party including the Photographer, the Caterer, the Decor and Flowers, and theEntertainment.

Hiring a coordinator to work on all or some aspects of your event is always a good idea. Prices will vary depending on how much of their services you require. They will do everything from hiring all of your vendors, arrange everything at your venue, and be on site for you during your event. There are some that will do same- day services. I strongly suggest you to meet with them a few weeks before to go over details, and get to know each other. Then again a couple of days before. This way if there are any changes you and the coordinator will both be aware of them. Having a coordinator assures you that all goes smoothly and you can enjoy your celebration with no worries.

Full service venues, most likely will have their own coordinator on site. Make sure you check on this, because they are very valuable and knowledgeable about their venue. They will work with you on your linens, chairs, food choices, putting out your place cards, centerpieces, etc... and they will be there on the day of your big event.